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Dying right now.

I cannot believe this got so many notes. But this is the continuation.imageimageimageimageimageimage



When the Internet gives you lemons, make lemonade.

This is such a righteous post that I am happy I stayed up late. I will probably still regret going to school on 5hrs of sleep, but then I’ll just think of this and not give a damn.

just gonna reblog this everytime this appears on my dash.

best. thing. ever.

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My whole life was made. I don’t Internet as much as most people so I don’t get random chats, but I hope I would react this way if I did.

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When the kid your family hopes won’t be like everyone else turns up pregnant.

When your girlfriend resents you because you are better at making friends than she is.

When you are excited about a movie and dinner only to find out that your girlfriend would rather frolic with homies.

When you yell at a coworker for being an mouth instead of an ear.

When you think everything is okay and then suddenly things are kinda fucked up.

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No seriously

I play video games for 2 hours a month. Shut the fuck up and let me play. Choose your battles, sweetheart.

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This is me

Not understanding why I’m here if we’re not working together. Wondering why she doesn’t see me as an aid rather than just here. Wondering if she knows we’re stronger working together than her struggling alone. Blah.

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Omg work really

Dear Intern,
No, that part of Houston is not ghetto. It’s close to campus and predominantly brown, but no…not ghetto.

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True story. I stopped smoking cigarettes. She asked me to. I will marry this woman. It will be a thing.

True story. I stopped smoking cigarettes. She asked me to. I will marry this woman. It will be a thing.

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Dude, I am obsessed with this show!

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I killed nine flies this afternoon and picked their dead bodies up in a dry public-bathroom-paper-towel. I told my friends and none of them flinched. Sometimes I wonder if we’re growing apart in that way that sisters do when one’s womb can’t bear the weight of a child.

I can stare at objects for…

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I think we need to invent a game called ‘shatner’

Someone yells ‘SHATNER’ at you and then you have to overact whatever you were doing


I feel a new work game coming on.

Also, it has been forever since I’ve been on here because I smell.

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